Blue Harvest is looking at the DNA of future engineers . Skill level matters a lot, but right mindset and the ability to grow matters more. We invest in the potential of you to excel also emotionally to deliver solutions with an edge. We are growing at a very rapid pace at this moment and we are open to any inquires.
Spontaneous Application
You design and build innovative solutions that give banks and insurers a head start in their new digital world.

Blue Harvest

It all began with two top-level engineers with awesome coding and social skills in The Netherlands. They built a startup within Capgemini comprising a new breed of highly skilled, emotionally intelligent engineers. They started with a lot of energy and positivity and within 3 years they have grown their NL unit to 40+ people. In the past years, Blue Harvest has successfully delivered several challenges, innovating for their clients within the Financial Services department of Capgemini.

In the upcoming years, the expansion to other countries is one of Blue Harvest’s top priorities. Next to Sweden, Belgium has also joined the adventure at the beginning of 2020, with 3 passionate engineers in the driving seats. Do you want to be part of our team? Then keep on reading!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for colleagues joining us in Belgium to kickstart our company! We are open to any application; we only have a few expectations:

  • A high EQ: You’re good at communicating, explaining difficult concepts, showing empathy and being self-regulating.
  • A strong interest in growing technically and having a broad technical knowledge.
  • A passion for innovation: You’re eager to learn new technologies or the newest approaches in technology.
  • A startup mentality: You’re willing to go the extra mile to build on the Blue Harvest brand, embrace change, have a “let’s improve attitude”, a lot of energy and ambition.

“Seeking the startup team is not a search for people who ask where the manual is. Rather it's a hunt for people to write the manual.”

Our offer:

Of course, you will get a competitive salary with other interesting benefits. But more importantly you will work at a fantastic and pleasant place. You will be learning, developing yourself, organizing events and even speak on congresses.

Are you ready to harvest and do you think you are the colleague we are looking for?

How do I apply?

Are you convinced? Awesome! We offer you a 5' call to talk about what you need to know before applying, just send us the codeword INFO over WhatsApp on +32 4 95 19 39 38.

That's too personal for you? You can also reach out to Catherine Jacobs via LinkedIn ( or simply send us an e-mail.

Life at Blue Harvest
Fintech Event
Demo day on Friday
Knowledge sharing session
Secret Santa
Cheers to the weekend!
Happy birthday to Gustavo and Alexandre! We gave the guys two cakes.
No matter what season we are always prepared
We love to play sports especially fussball
George brought a Romanian beverage from his home country. We love to share our traditions and cultures with each other.
Keep on growing whether it is emotionally or technically we always help each other grow.
Let us introduce our recruiters Sabrina and Matin. They are looking for talented people to join Blue Harvest. Matin focuses on engineers in the Netherlands and Sabrina focuses on Sweden. Which country do you prefer to work for?
Polaroid time! Sherief and Yukwan on the picture. A great duo who presents friendship, fun and work!
On Blue Harvest Fridays we focus on fun, teambuilding and technology ofcourse!
Our Blue Harvest guys Jay, Dimitris, Alexandre, Matin and Alberto are supporting Armando at the Meetup about Kubernetes.
During our Christmas dinner we are one big happy family.
Our founders Tudor and Folkert are playing PlayStation games during our Game Night.
Making cupcakes during Valentines Day
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