Blue Harvest is looking at the DNA of future engineers . Skill level matters a lot, but right mindset and the ability to grow matters more. We invest in the potential of you to excel also emotionally to deliver solutions with an edge. We are growing at a very rapid pace at this moment and we are open to any inquires.
Life at Blue Harvest
We are always off to eat to some cake, especially while celebrating our colleagues birthdays.
Always prepared, no matter the season.
A happy work place is an efficient one, and having our colleagues playing games does certainly uplift office spirit.
Romanian beverage brought by George from his home country. We are n nationalities and always share culture and traditions with each other.
We are following a mentor and mentee philosophy where everyone is guided by someone more experienced so we can share knowledge, grow emotionally and laugh together.
Our recruiters Sabrina and Matin working hard together to hire new fun and brilliant engineers. Check our jobs to see if it fits you so you can join our awesome team.
Sheriff, our young engineer and Yukwan, our Manager of Marketing making memories together.
Fridays are always for talks on technology, innovation, strategy and most important, beer.
Hmm, I guess we really like beer.
Christmas dinner together as a big and happy family.
Our founders Tudor & Folkert playing games on a Friday.
Here Yukwan was celebrating Valentines day. Every opportunity to eat cupcakes and drink champagne is always welcomed.
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